Professional Photography Services




We are surrounded by architecture on a daily basis. Housing, Commercial, and Public, from single story simple design to multi-story complex designs.

Good photography captures the architects’ creative design whilst showing the liveability and usability of the project. Paramount Studios have been working with architects and builders since the 1980s. In fact one of our biggest clients is the Master Builders of NSW, where projects range from big corporate/commercial designs to small attic conversions. Paramount is the preferred photographer for the annual NSW Housing Awards and also the NSW Commercial Awards.

Paramount have the skills and experience in lighting, framing, camera angle, and composition to photograph your latest project, using the latest in digital photography techniques to give quality and detail on any project big or small.

Product photography

Lighting and detail are some key elements when photographing any product to sell. Paramount have photographed many different products from fine jewellery – to every day household products. When planning we think about the end result and possibly where it is being used. This may dictate what props are required and where the photography is done.


Corporate Events are a big part of what Paramount Studios do. From simple corporate lunches to international incentive trips in exotic locations, Paramount can photograph your special event showing the highlights, the people, the special moments, the key speakers, and the attention to detail that organisers so often put in when putting on key events. Images are always supplied in high res, and also web ready so you can upload straight away to show the world how good your event has been. 


Paramount Studios has been based in the CBD since the early 1900’s and has photographed corporate portraits for many Sydney based businesses. From a simple plain background head & shoulder portrait to more complex -using the corporate environment as well, Paramount Studios can do profile portraits in a way that fits in with your brand. Images are supplied in a format ready to upload to your website straight away. The portraits can be viewed as they are taken giving you confidence that any parameters are met straight away.